some snap to sections in wiki and structure
(too old to reply)
2017-06-26 12:17:12 UTC
recently following the library how to wiki, when i was searching for
information, can see there's a "/tutoria" an also the "/howto"..

I deduced that it was a product of the migration of the old wiki to the new

so i able... or seeing it more closely both sections can be used in one
single so can be merged in one? ..

Although I wrote the bad emails, I was careful to change things in the
wiki, and I ask here always for many things when make changes or propose
some very strongly.

I want to remind how important it is to have good documentation for users,
and due there are few sources (compared to other programming languages, and
get in mail list are more complex rather thant a forum) for users and even
expert programmers ..

its point that already here in the list have taken in consideration ..

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)